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ORIGINAL DESIGN was established in Shenzhen a famous design city by year of 1998. ORIGINAL DESIGN owning Shenzhen Original Interior Design Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Original Display Design Co., Ltd. It is well known and honored as "THE BEST INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY IN SHENZHEN","TEN FAMOUS BRANDS IN SHENZHEN DECORATION INDUSTRY" and "EXCELLENT DECORATION DESIGN ENTERPRISE IN SHENZHEN AND HONG KONG".

We are focus on the interior design for Commercial Space, Hotel, Office, Restaurant Club, and Villa, ranging from lighting, beauty-setting, soft decorating, business logo and all items resourcing, custom making and installation workings.

With 20 years’ experience on designing, we could coordinate architecture to adjust interior plan and perfect the buildings image, and supervise & control the project quality and cost. YUANBEN will make a unique space with best experience through original design and combining lighting, soft decoration to improve commercial image, and make it rich in art.

The Influential Design Works In Recent Years :

Shopping Mall : Rainbow Shopping Center, Junshan Mall, Rainbow Mall series, Taihe International Town Jinjiang Jiangsu, Konggang International Koreatown Chendu, KK-one Shenzhen, KK-mall Kingkey, Chongshang Mall Xi’an, Suibao Yijia Plaza Shopping Center, Central Plaza Fuzhou, Guoguang Store Jiangxi, Kowloon City Shangyue Store Weihai, Maoye Yibai Shopping Center Wuxi, Rainbow CC-mall Xiamen, Rainbow Shopping Center Xiangtan Hunan, Rainbow Store Yingtan, Jianyi International Textile City Zhengzhou, Dongmen Shopping Mall Shenzhen, Rainbow Store Ji’an, Karst Business Center Guiyang and etc.

Hospitality : Jinling Hotel and Restaurant Ganzhou, Sheraton Guiyang, Shanghai Hotel Shenzhen, Grand Skylight Hotel Shenzhen, Jade Mountain Cit Hotel, Catic Plaza Hotel Beijing and etc.

Club and Villa : Golf Villa Guanglan, Peninsula No.1 Hongkong, Catic Lattice Billow County, Shengguang She’xian Resort Tianjin

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