Jovi Qiao

Design Director

Vice president of the fourth council of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association

SIID Shenzhen Building Design Industrial Society Member

China Building Decoration Guest Writer

Hubei Economic Institute School of Arts Guest Professor

Senior Arts and Crafts Artist

The City, the Home, the Door on 2015 Shenzhen-Hong Kong City/Building Dual-City Biennale

External Researcher of Pension Architecture Research Center of China Academy of Construction Science Limited

Designer's Message:
In the view of designers, materials are the paints in the hands of the artists, irrelevant by any means to the value, but suitability. It depends on matching, and designing. An ordinary stone from the muddy ground comes to be elevated in its artistic value when decorated with lighting on the stage, and the value is endowed by the designer. Design makes value.

Work impressions:
Innovation conveys the values of the designer, and means joys. Interior designing proves an industry incorporating theories of aesthetic, building, materials, psychology, Fengshui, history with commercial practice. The value of interior designs lies in the pleasure brought to people in business space, the inspiration in emotions, which enable continued development of commerce, and render people love towards life.

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